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象牙果・觀音 Ivory Nut・Guanyin

象牙果・觀音 Ivory Nut・Guanyin

庫存單位: ZS00591
HK$128.00 一般價格

象牙果是南美赤道附近的一種名為TAGUA椰子樹的果實,常見於厄瓜多爾和秘魯的沿海雨林中。 罩胚乳有點像椰子,起初是液體,成熟以後變得堅硬起來,因為色澤外觀很像象牙,所以取名叫象牙果。










Introducing our Ivory Nut Guanyin, a beautifully crafted piece made from the fruit of the TAGUA coconut tree found in the rainforests of Ecuador and Peru. The hard-shelled nut, with its delicate texture and ivory-like appearance, is believed to have the power to enhance physical health and promote inner peace. As a popular symbol in Buddhism, this Q-version of Guanyin is exquisitely carved and emits a subtle scent of bodhi seeds. Measuring approximately 12.5cm in height for Q-version Guanyin and 8cm in diameter for lotus, this piece is a perfect addition to any collection. Connect with us and discover the beauty of Ivory Nut Guanyin today.

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